Technical delivery is in our DNA and we have a long and rich history of working across multiple CMS platforms and applications – from the late 1990’s, creating and deploying our own CMS product, through to the present day where we deliver platforms of all sizes and scales. These include Enterprise CMS’s and open source CMS’s.

There are now a number of options available dependant on technology, business need and investment. One of the leading platforms is Acquia – a cloud-first leading enterprise platform delivered on the open source CMS solution, Drupal. 

The Acquia platform provides marketing technology for building, delivering and optimising digital experiences. It goes beyond just being a content management system, with tools for customer journey mapping, multisite applications and personalisation. 

Here, we give an overview of what the Acquia platform could do for your business:

Acquia Cloud

Acquia Cloud is the leading cloud platform to continuously develop, deliver and run digital experience applications and content. It is an end-to-end solution optimised for Drupal and enables speed-to-market, reduced costs and simplified website management. Acquia Cloud lets you maximise reliability, with 24/7 availability through data centres around the globe.

Alongside this is Acquia Cloud Site Factory, a tool for multisite applications that use a common site architecture with validated code. This enables you to improve security and minimise risk across your different sites and achieve a consistent brand experience with saved templates.

Acquia Journey

Acquia Journey makes light work of customer journey mapping, as you can easily create new journeys and orchestrate what happens at each step of your customer’s lifecycle. You can increase customer satisfaction by knowing where they are on their journeys with Acquia, and go beyond web and email by creating new, up and cross-sell opportunities. 

Acquia Lift

Acquia Lift gives you complete control over personalisation and empowers your business to deliver compelling one-to-one digital experiences. You can personalise on any platform and it also syndicates content from existing repositories. Acquia has designed it specifically for marketers, making it fast and easy to use – so you can concentrate on creating personalised experiences.

Acquia support and software

Acquia has a global team of experts on hand and ready to help. With a wealth of knowledge on the Acquia products and services, their teams work closely with our teams, to ensure clients succeed. 

What’s more, as it’s open-source, the Drupal CMS integrates with existing technology stacks and allows you to build products exactly how you want them. 

ORM and Acquia

Reasons to choose ORM for your Acquia project: 

  • 20 years of experience in designing and developing effective digital solutions
  • Development of the customer platform for Chiltern Railways, powered by the revolutionary Arriva Customer Engine created exclusively for Arriva, a DB brand
  • Design and build of the recently launched Transport for Wales website
  • We are a Preferred Partner of Acquia
  • Certified Acquia developers in-house and up to date knowledge of new releases on the Acquia platform
  • Over 40 front and back-end developers continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with CMS and technology platforms
  • We can provide 24x7 Acquia support, tailored Acquia hosting and ongoing Acquia optimisation.

Wondering what Acquia could do for your business? Or already on the platform and want to know what else it can do? Please call and ask for Neil or Amy in the sales and marketing team +44 (0)208 239 5080. 

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