Sitecore support

Choosing the right CMS is crucial, but selecting the right partner for the job is even more important.

Why choosing the right Sitecore support partner is important

During any project the focus is on the design and build, however many agencies, due to tight deadlines or lack of understanding, forget about the importance of the support and maintenance. But not ORM. We understand the importance of Sitecore support and we make sure that our clients are looked after long after a project launches. 

These are the questions we get asked a lot, which can help clarify some things when considering the right type of Sitecore support you need:

  1. What level of support cover do I need? This depends on the size of your business. If you are a mid to enterprise level business, then you’re certainly going to need  business hours cover. It might be worth thinking about out of hours and 24/7 support as well. 
  2. What’s the most advised support communication method? One means of contact is not enough, and all managed service providers should offer a number of methods for communication, including phone, support portal and email.
  3. What about control, security and quality? You have to accept the fact that issues can happen and changes are often implemented to improve the site after deployment. You should, however, look out for and avoid a lack of version control and changes that come with a lack of security.

Sitecore is a significant investment and having invested so much in the design and build of the website you shouldn’t save on the support. Lack of good support can be a costly decision and damaging to your brand image. The ability to address and provide such capability can be consuming in terms of time and investment, so make sure you choose the right partner for this job.

Reasons to choose ORM as a Sitecore support partner

  • 20 years of experience in designing, developing and supporting effective digital solutions
  • Development of digital experience platforms for brands like Great Western Railway, Moat and Artemis, applying the Sitecore technology to  multiple sectors
  • Certified partner of Sitecore since 2013
  • Certified Sitecore developers in-house and up to date knowledge of new releases on the Sitecore platform 
  • Over 40 front and back-end developers continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with CMS and technology platforms
  • We can provide 24x7 Sitecore support, tailored Sitecore hosting and ongoing Sitecore optimisation.

Wondering what Sitecore could do for your business? Or want to find out more about Sitecore support? Please fill in the form below or call and ask for the sales and marketing team +44 (0)203 743 0810.