Asset Management Roundtable

The next in ORM’s series of roundtable dinners will be focusing on what the digital opportunities are in 2020 and beyond, for asset managers.

Already an important and growing channel in an asset managers’ marketing armoury, how are digital advances set to affect the way the industry undertakes prospecting, distribution, operations, transactions and compliance? What are the implications for competition and business models in the sector? 

Whilst the perceived importance of digital varies across the different business units, the ultimate goal for asset managers is the same – improving operational efficiency and customer service, better understanding prospect and client behaviours, and having a streamlined lead management programme in place. How can digital better support all these key interactions?

We will provide industry led insight on the state of the sector and discuss where tools and technology can be applied to meet these challenges.

Digital freedom

ORM is a digital partner to many leading asset manager firms, many of whom we have been working with on a long-term engagement to help grow, scale and change their businesses. We focus on improving operational efficiencies, helping them reach and engage with new audiences and prospects, and enhance their sales, marketing and digital teams. This is what we call digital freedom.

21 November 2019 @ 6:30pm

The Cook's Room, Hawksmoor Borough

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