Data and Analytics


Our goal is to help our clients to achieve their business goals, by providing actionable insights into customer behaviours. To support this we’ll help you:

  • Define your data strategy - the key performance indicators and the data sources you need to capture to measure success
  • Specify and implement the right tags and customised tracking to help you capture the right data from which insights can be derived
  • Integrate your various data sources to provide a holistic view of digital and offline activity
  • Configure and query analysis tools to optimise and enhance your customer journeys
  • Provide high quality analysis through regular reports and ‘deep dives’ into specific performance issues
  • Visualise your data in a way that’s usable for business decision makers

Our ethos is to help you understand the "who, why, what, where and when" of digital performance

What are high level opportunities for digital improvement? How can data support this?
Where - which parts of your digital ecosystem should we be improving first?
Who - which audiences do we need to concentrate on?
When in their journey is this happening? Touchpoints, pages, sections
Why is this happening? The declared behaviours of users and the emotional barriers to completion?

We want to ensure our data and insights are commercially driven and enable you to make informed decisions that ultimately increases conversion and keeps customers coming back (whether that be measured through content consumption, registrations, lead generation, or product purchases).


Our expertise includes:

  • Web Analytics – using Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and many other supporting tools and software
  • Tag management and implementation – implementing basic to advanced tag solutions
  • Conversion rate optimisation and A / B testing - structured test and learn programmes for continuous improvement
  • Data mining – diving deeper into large sets of data using tools such as Google Big Query and Tableau
  • Campaign analytics – robust campaign tracking to measure the effectiveness of your acquisition channels
  • Audience Insights – using session replay and survey tools to enhance understanding of customer behaviours
  • Reporting Automation – creating dashboards using APIs and tools such as Google Data Studio
  • Self-serve analytics and data visualisation – using tools such as Tableau to integrate and visualise multiple data sources
  • Measurement framework creation – we build KPI frameworks and advise on the best measurement strategies across all digital channels
  • Customer Segmentation – helping you understand your most valuable customer cohorts