Experience Design

Appreciating the value of design will give brands the competitive edge over the rest – Apple founder Steve Jobs knew that.

Our experience design team creates and shapes the user experience, user-interface and visual design for digital products and services.

Design is a core gene in our company DNA, it is the reason we were born in 1999 – to bring beautifully designed products to digital. Today, digital design has matured and encompasses a multitude of skill-sets and disciplines. And yet, there's one core element that underlines the whole design process – our focus on business outcomes and customer needs. Our design thinking is grounded on fact and data, and validated with a test, learn, and iterate mentality. 16 years on we still have a hunger and desire to bring brilliantly designed digital products to market that create a positive brand experience your customers demand.

We believe a great user experience enables your customers to get through a journey or set of tasks with simplicity, efficiency and of course, successfully. It can mean the difference between a customer using your product versus a competitor. At ORM, the User Experience (UX) is about the digital touchpoints within a wider customer experience, and how a user engages and interacts with them. The UX design will define the specification for the digital product or service.

Digital Brand & Creative

It’s important to consider your digital branding and visual identity – does it connect the offline brand? Is it consistent across your digital touchpoints? Does it deliver on your brand essence, your personality and tone of voice? Does it need to differ for digital? And finally, what about accessibility and usability? At ORM, we can evolve and enhance your brands visual identity and branding to deliver consistency of the visual language and make your brand fit for digital.

Visual & UI Design

Our Visual and UI (VUI) design experts bring your brand to life within the user interface. They consider the aesthetic design, subtle interactions, transitions and animations, and the brand polish that can make your digital products really usable and delightful. Together with our Front End Development team, they are experts in new website trends and techniques, and proficient in Human Computer Interaction guidelines across a range of mobile operating systems including Apple, Android and Windows.

Peter Gough
Founder & Creative Partner

Peter is responsible for all things creative and design. That includes heading up the Design Practice, a crack team of passionate user experience, visual and digital brand experts.

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