Acquia Engage Europe took place in London on 17 & 18 June 2019. ORM were proud to be platinum sponsors of the event with a booth and speaking session, as well as hosting the device charger station to keep everyone connected on their phones throughout the day. We also had a team of ORMers attend the event, and here we’ve summarised the top three things we liked about Engage Europe this year:


1 – #NoSilos 

Dries Buytaert, Drupal’s Founder and Acquia’s CTO, revealed new product releases and announcements in the morning general session. One of the most interesting products he talked about was Acquia Content Cloud – a central content authoring product. As we work with clients who have lots of content, which is often across multiple sites and locations, this tool will empower marketing and content teams to own how, when and where their content is distributed, without having to rely on development teams.


Yet, Dries also spent a lot of time talking about brands that have disjointed online experiences, which don’t connect with their customers or even internally across departments. He advocated that the route of this problem comes from siloed technology, and teams and processes that don’t link up. This is something we find with a lot of clients  when we first work with them, and we’re right behind Dries when he enthuses that the secret to a great customer experience is eliminating silos and creating the right foundations. 


2 – Minimum Loveable Product

Everyone has heard of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), but the focus for businesses to succeed in today’s ever-changing digital landscape is to look at creating an MLP – Minimum Loveable Product. Viable means a product has functionality that someone CAN use, whereas loveable is an emotion driven experience, attracting customers who actually WANT to use your product. It’s a simple mindset change, but one that’s important for businesses to consider, and was addressed in our own speaking session at the event.


ORM’s Managing Partner & Founder, Peter Gough, and Clare Lambert, Business Director, took to the keynote stage in the afternoon to take attendees of Engage Europe on a journey of one of our train clients – Transport for Wales. They showed how ORM is “Helping Rail Run to Time”, as we needed to launch the new transport for Wales website – including multi-language and multiple API inputs from third party booking engines – in just 12 weeks, last summer. This is no easy feat for an agency, so the train operator needed a digital partner who is agile and could deliver the speed to market that was required. You can read the full case study here.


3 – “Aligning stakeholders and the wider organisation”

Olympic rower Ben Hunt-Davis won gold with his team in the Men’s VIIIs in Sydney in 2000. On first impressions he may seem a little out of place at a technology conference, yet he gave a brilliant talk explaining how his ‘Will it make the boat go faster?’ methodology can be applied to businesses today. The theory helped his team focus on improving their daily performance in the areas they could influence, rather than being caught up blindly chasing the result for winning at the 2000 Olympic Games.


We liked seeing Hunt-Davis speaking at the event, contrasting how we review our daily performance and it’s effectiveness to our overall objectives. He also echoed what Clare had to say in ORM’s presentation beforehand, about the importance of aligning stakeholders and the wider organisation so we’re all focused on the same things.


Engage Europe was a great event this year and we look forward to seeing what Acquia come up with to promote it again for 2020.