Asset Management and digital transformation: a practical guide to what to do next

OPINION / 15th April 2018

Asset Management is the latest industry to be hit by the digital tsunami. Asset Management firms are now not only grappling with the low interest rate environment, tightening of regulations, and a growing preference for passively managed funds, they are being forced to combat the rapid growth of robo-advice and fintech start-ups too.

While technology and big data may be underlying causes, it’s the customer experience that’s driving the digital revolution. Used to interacting with digitally sophisticated brands in their shopping or leisure time, FS customers are increasingly more demanding. They expect real-time access to information, service and transparency, on any device, all at a low cost.

Asset Managers, who are used to competing with each other on performance or fund innovation, are now realising that poor customer experience is an issue for their brand perception and ultimately commercial performance. In particular, the industry’s familiar ways of working will have to modernise to serve the next digitally savvy millennial generation, who are expected to inherit $30 trillion of wealth in the next decade.

In our latest ebook we take a look at current trends affecting the Asset Management Industry, how to plan for a digital future, practical tips on how to instigate change within an Asset Management business; as well as include an exclusive interview with Natalie Ceeney CBE, Chair of Innovate Finance and former Head of Customer Standards at HSBC UK and CEO of Financial Ombudsman Service in which she says why now is the right time to digitise.

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