Blogging in Digital: Why we should embrace and not overlook it

OPINION / 1st November 2016

In the past few years, I’ve written content for online and watched the world of insight articles and blogs take off. Their importance and use has rapidly increased, paving the way for influencers and thought leaders to have even more of an impact on the public.

However, given that my parents still have no idea what ‘digital’ actually means, it’s no surprise that blogging and insight article content is still often overlooked and even ignored by some businesses today, despite the many advantages of engaging online content...

Authenticity and Trust

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that customer loyalty comes primarily from trust in the brand and the brand’s authenticity. Authenticity can be shown easily enough through a universal company voice, and if your business is able to have a voice through their own blog then it’s instantly humanised. Your brand is seen as wanting to lead thought, to lead reaction and to care about people.

Let’s think about say, Marriott Hotels. On the surface, it’s a hotel or rather; it’s a brand of hotels. We don’t immediately associate it with a person, a first name, or a face. With Bill Marriott’s blog, Marriott on the Move, we’re introduced to the person behind the scenes and the brand is given a personal and friendly yet still professional voice.


Blogging also seems to form some kind of a bridge between data and creativity. It turns financial figures and stats into something more accessible and easier to digest, recipes into a post that inspires and encourages, and a news item into a full on debate.


Thought leadership

The lack of universal voice mentioned above is probably one of the biggest problems an online platform can have. Blogging can help develop this universal voice and in turn, helps businesses to define their purpose and who they’re writing for. It’s also an opportunity for brands to become Thought Leaders.

Some of you might know of Stephanie Flanders, whose jump from the BBC to JP Morgan was widely publicised because she became a thought leader. Those who followed her while she was with the BBC would’ve grown familiar with her voice, seeing her as a thought leader and an expert, and even following her to JP Morgan.

I may be stating the obvious but, if your company are experts in something, then surely any way of telling the world that is a good idea? Black Rock has it down in their 8:40am Monday newsletter, summarising the past week’s market news and informing customers, while simultaneously maintaining their brand reputation as experts in that industry.

Social Sharing

This company expertise and good quality content brings in a hefty audience and also has the ability to be seen by a whole other network of online customers. Just one single reader could share an article and introduce your company to the world of social media, exposing the brand to tens, hundreds and thousands of new potential customers.

Sharing also opens your thoughts up to more debate, more comments, and as Eleanor, our Senior Content Strategist suggests, blog comments can be even more important than the blog itself as it encourages readers to have an opinion. It also poses the question: is it really a blog if there are no comments? Does an article need to provoke a reaction, or provoke a debate? She also notes that driving people to your content and promotion is just as important as the blog itself - what’s the point of an article if no one reads it?

Attracting talent to your company

Speaking from a personal point of view, a good insight page or a good blog were two of the things that made me want to apply for a job at a company. Engaging, on-trend content caught my interest, it made me stay on the site longer, and I was able to figure out what they like talking about, writing about, and what interests them in the digital world. All of this contributed to my decision to apply or not to apply somewhere. So there’s a tip for those wanting to attract the latest young talent – put your name out, make your company known and get some good content!

So, if becoming thought leaders, opening your content up to social media and attracting more young talent sounds appealing to you – maybe you should look into enhancing your blog. 


Imogen Hoare Imogen Hoare Account Executive Imogen Hoare