Webinar: Client Centricity in B2B Organisations

Events / 25th February 2020

Myths, realities and the role of digital in delivering more valuable client relationships

Wednesday 25 March @ 11am GMT

Client centricity is becoming an increasingly hot topic in the B2B world. Organisations know they need to adapt to client needs and deliver experiences that are more personalised, relevant and valuable to remain competitive. Yet, whilst few disagree with client centricity as an ambition, what this means in practice has several different interpretations. Delivering effective initiatives that meet ambitions, which benefit the client and the business, is more of a challenge.

Join us for our next webinar, which discusses how businesses can take advantage of technology to help them get closer to their clients and deliver better outcomes. Led by Lorenzo Vasini, Chief Growth Officer, we'll be discussing:

  • The changing role of client centricity in B2B organisations and the behaviours that are driving it
  • How data and technology can become key weapons in attracting and maintaining more valuable client relationships, rather than being distractions
  • How content can be used to build better relationships with prospects and clients
  • How businesses are adapting to this more client centric approach

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Andy Farmer Andy Farmer Executive Director, Strategy Andy Farmer