In our latest ebook The Digital Transformation of the Rail Industry we take a look at how train operating companies are using digital to increase sales, reduce operating costs and improve their customer services. We highlight current innovation happening in the sector, looking at how technology is powering AI, geofencing and real-time information, along with many more working digital solutions across the globe. We’ve included highlights from HackTrain’s recent event, which saw 120 innovators board three trains over a period of 48 hours to work together to solve some of the rail industry’s biggest problems. Plus, we give you the low-down from Hyperloop One’s Paul Smith about the future of rail travel. As a bonus, we have an exclusive interview with Mr Hacktrain himself, River Tamoor Baig, who talked to us about the culture of the rail industry, how digital can unlock cost savings and what the next biggest game changer in rail will be.


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