Andy Farmer
Consultancy Partner

Asset Management has always been a face-to-face business that’s built on relationships and individual expertise, but it’s an industry on the verge of reinvention.


Digital tools are now available that can democratise the market, improve customer experience and, ultimately, increase profits.  This technology is already proving its worth in Asia, and Western customers’ expectations around being able to monitor and manage investments digitally are growing quickly. The following infographic highlights the current digital megatrends that could redefine the Asset Management Industry’s operating model.


9 trends in asset management


While there’s no denying that digital tools provide enormous potential for Asset Management businesses, we also know that change is seldom easy.  Adopting a digitally led approach requires a lot of work to change your internal culture, understand your customer needs and implement the technology that will deliver against your objectives, but the alternative is to risk being left behind while the industry transforms around you.


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