Ellie Sharkey
Sales & Marketing Executive

Following from our webinar 'Go lean in development', this e-book focusses on lean product development for digital applications and aims to provide an insight into the tools and techniques behind the approach. Whether you plan on implementing lean product development within your own organisation or work with providers that have, this content will help you understand what it takes to put lean digital product development into practice.


What we cover: 


  • The differences between classic product development and a lean approach
  • Tips and techniques for implementing lean product development
  • Industry tested strategies and tools that facilitate a lean approach 
  • The broader perspective on lean methodologies and the impact on organisations. 


Who should read it: 


  • Senior leaders, operations, delivery and UX specialists at brand agencies 
  • E-commerce agencies and businesses 
  • Chief Technology Officers, Head of Technology, Engineering and other senior technologists.


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