ORM is pleased to share that our website has undergone a redesign and replatforming to Drupal.  The new design is to bring the brand up to date, matching ORM’s ‘digital freedom’ proposition that was released in 2019. 


Why has it taken so long to get a newly designed website live as well, you may ask?  Well, this was always the plan, to give the proposition a chance to settle in and to learn from people’s reaction to it, which in turn helped guide the design direction.  Created by ORM’s own internal Experience Design team, the new website brings together all the best parts of our existing site, with a few new enhancements as chosen by the marketing team – the product owners of the website.


“As a digital agency we can never stand still – it’s really important that we evaluate technologies and behaviours to evolve and stay relevant to clients and prospective new brands. This new design is bold, fresh and a little bit different to what other agencies are doing as well,” said Peter Gough, Managing Partner who founded ORM in 1999. 


As for the move to Drupal (the previous site was built on Wordpress), this was a strategic business decision, with many of ORM’s clients opting for the open-source CMS option, which gives them flexibility and scalability when they need it.  It made sense for us to build our new site on a platform that our internal development team are using every day, as this gives the marketing team control to further add to and enhance the website.  


Gough added: “We’re at an exciting time for ORM and this new website – on a CMS platform that we’re used to working with all the time – brings together our strong messaging and vibrant brand.  We’re now part of a much bigger group and we’ve got an international footprint as well, with an office in New Jersey that opened in February, so the need to stay relevant to global audiences whilst retaining the essence of who we are culturally is really important to balance.” 


Last summer, ORM was acquired by Paragon Group, becoming part of Paragon Customer Communications.