Andy Farmer
Consultancy Partner
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Lots of content has been written and shared about working virtually in 2020.  We’ve heard about the perfect home office setup, shared tips on productivity and spread the word about elevating your laptop to eye level and wearing trousers during video calls.  But, for sales and creative teams that rely on face-to-face interactions to collaborate and close deals, adapting to working remotely isn’t as simple as subscribing to a video conferencing solution, or finding the right spot for your home workstation. Converting in-person pitches and brainstorms into virtual presentations and remote workshops means rethinking your entire approach.  


ORM has always supported remote work and, with offices in Poland, the UK, the Ukraine and the US, we’re no strangers to collaborating virtually – but the global lockdown has accelerated the company-wide adoption of digital tools for workshops and presentations to our customer base as well.


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