What do you think will be the social platform giving brands the edge in 2016?

OPINION / 30th August 2016

When it comes to social, we need to consider three types of players: artists, groupies and DJs.


Artists, e.g. brands and celebrities, will mostly use Vine,  Meercat and Periscope to create social content. Why? Because their eyes are firmly fixed on new channels. Vayner Media, one of the world’s most successful social agencies, have 25 people signed to a Vine ‘advocate’ roster. These 25 (most of whom are teenagers) make at least £70,000 a year (or more) creating six second videos promoting brands to their audiences.


These are the commentators and sharers of social content, e.g. customers and communities. Their most relevant platform next year will be Twitter, because of its ‘people power’ potential.  For example, this year the sports entertainment company WWE changed storylines at the last minute before their biggest show of the year, WrestleMania. This was because the community caused an uproar once it was leaked that Roman Reigns was going to be made champion in the main event. WWE responded by moving in a new direction with Reigns losing the championship match to a surprise challenger, Seth Rollins.


Finally we have DJs, those who curate, collate and customise existing content, e.g. bloggers and reporters. I think their most relevant platforms next year will be Flipboard, LinkedIn’s Pulse and SlideShare. The three offer maximum impact for the least effort, something all DJs strive for.  Remixing content is the biggest opportunity in the market right now. Currently, this is best done by email, for example, Jason Hirschhorn of redef.com runs one of the internet’s most popular daily news roundups, via email lists. 

My final prediction? New networks that allow people to become DJs (without having their own platform) will be the most popular and valuable for audiences and brands.

Keith Nation Keith Nation Managing Director & CTO Keith Nation