Emma Rosenberg
Global Talent Director

At ORM, we strongly believe that what sets successful businesses apart from those that don’t last are people and culture.  In our company, nothing is more important than hiring and developing people, as let’s face it we bet on people, not strategies!  


Since joining ORM, myself and my team have implemented procedures and devised plans that ensure our employees drive success to unlock their true potential.  


We have noticed with other businesses that it is so easy for leaders and “those at the top” to become too distanced from their people and ultimately view them as commodities that can easily be replaced.  We don’t want our employees to be viewed this way; we want to think of them as assets who will create value - and let’s be realistic here, when the right assets are managed correctly this potential shines through.


People strolling down the street in a line


So the question on everybody’s lips must be: what do we do at ORM to ensure we not only find great people, but we grow, nurture and retain our exceptional talent?  Well, having only been here for three months I think it is fair to say that we are on a journey whereby everything I’ve talked about above needs to be adhered to.  Nurturing and growing talent is a complex and varied skill in any business - believe me, I know!  Yet we are striving to cultivate a culture of happy and motivated employees here at ORM, and the most important way of achieving this is through communication.  


This needs to be proper company-wide communication  

So at ORM we have a weekly “Scrummy Monday”, where everyone comes together first thing to listen to our leaders talk through what we achieved the previous week and what our focus is for the week ahead.  We have regular internal email newsletters detailing internal initiatives, introducing new starters and of course announcing our all-important social gatherings!  We make use of social media to promote #ormlife at #OhArEm (yes, that’s how it’s pronounced!)  In addition, we have a monthly company-wide “Show & Tell”, so that all our employees, both in London and Poland can communicate updates and highlight successes and learnings.  We don’t want our employees to question what is going on in the business, we want them to be part of our journey.  So we aim to dispel fears and foster security by involving everyone - from heads of departments to interns - and communicate with them, every step of the way.


Not only do our leaders need to communicate but also every employee has a voice that must be heard. Therefore, it was imperative to start our journey by understanding what everyone’s roles in the company is.  In March this year, we asked each team at ORM to create “ A Day in the Life” video, to depict what each area of the business does.  Below is a snapshot of what each department produced and we’ll be releasing each video on our social channels over the coming weeks (you can follow our social pages here: TwitterLinkedInFacebook and Instagram).  Even as Talent Director, the outcome of everyone of these videos surpassed anything I had imagined, so I can’t wait for you all to see what great talent we have here at ORM and where they fit into our journey!


The upshot is, our people and our culture are the driving force of what makes ORM a successful organisation.  All of our divisions are important, however each are driven by human talent so we will always focus on growing this and developing a positive culture, to ensure we live up to what we stand for and what we want to deliver.