Why Sitecore CMS?

OPINION / 30th August 2016

Keith Nation, Managing Director and CTO of ORM, presents his reasons for selecting Sitecore as a trusted partner to deliver an optimised digital customer experience.

I come from a technical background and part of my role at ORM is to search out the very best the industry has to offer. Having spent almost 20 years in digital, I know the value of selecting the right partner and for us Sitecore, provides a fantastic platform to help bring to life the digital strategies we create for our clients. 

Sitecore Experience Platform 8.1

Here at ORM, we are utilising the most recent Sitecore platform  with our customers – Sitecore Experience Platform 8.1. This is incredibly important for us – as a Sitecore Gold Partner we need to strive to deliver the best projects with the most best software we can get our hands on. There are a multitude of reasons why we use the most up-to-date version. It has a slick interface, more refined functionality (as well as new functionality i.e. Path Analyser), and most importantly has complete integration with the Sitecore xDB – the complete single view of every customer who interacts with your brand. 

And what does that mean? In essence, customer segmentation is now old hat. It is now possible for marketers to impact and personalise the experience for each INDIVIDUAL, so that interactions with your brand are truly personalised both through online and offline channels. For us, that’s the digital nirvana: achieving a state whereby the customer can receive real-time, relevant content that form a positive experience of the brand and create customers for life. It is this level of engagement that enables brand advocacy and greater market share in your industry.

Random acts of marketing vs. Orchestrated marketing 

Sitecore talk about random acts of marketing as a way of describing the ad-hoc interactions customers often go through when using non-personalised websites. Interactions across time are not connected and lack the context of the last visit, often forcing customers through the same journeys and worse, entering the same information.

But how do we improve this situation?

We can use Sitecore to create these orchestrated journeys where we track an individual searching for a piece of content and performing an action (e.g. downloading a whitepaper). If that customer then leaves, Sitecore stores this information in the xDB. When they return, we know they have shown an interest in that content or product. We use subtle personalisation techniques to target them with content that is relevant to their interests, enabling them to continue where they left off. 

Moreover, you cannot only do this purely for your Sitecore managed site. It is also possible in 8.1. to use Federated Experience Manager, a piece of Sitecore functionality which enables tracking of user activity around third party non-Sitecore powered sites. So with a clever piece of code, you can forge even closer links with affiliates by injecting Sitecore personalised modules helping to understand the true end-to-end journey your customers are taking.

A scalable pricing structure

Another key advantage of Sitecore is that they will grow alongside your organisation. Sitecore is applicable to all size corps. Entry level pricing all the way up to enterprise is tailored, but it's the same software. So as you evolve, and become more digitally mature, Sitecore will evolve with you on that journey.

Vetted by the industry

And it's not just us that say Sitecore is great; the most recent Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management (July 2015) states that Sitecore has the highest ‘ability to execute’ in the industry. Compared to its competitors, Sitecore’s sole product has always been the CMS platform, and the built in Experience Marketing functionality has organically grown as the company has grown, creating the seamless experience that is possible today.

Future gazing

The future in this space, for me, is the ability to market and drive insight from your customers. It's not just about managing content any more, it’s about managing conversations with your customers. Ultimately, it’s about ROI and customer acquisition and retention, because that's what makes a difference to your bottom line as a company.

At ORM we're seeing more and more companies understand that digital is the way to communicate with customers. They want to transform their businesses to online and understanding the power of Sitecore can be a great place to start on that journey.

Keith Nation Keith Nation Managing Director & CTO Keith Nation