Sitecore partner


Sitecore is a great CMS, but like every great tool it needs high-quality implementation and support – this is why choosing the right Sitecore partner is so important.

We’ve seen CMS’s evolve over the years and today we work with some of the leading platforms for our clients. Sitecore is one of these and here at ORM we’re successful at delivering Sitecore services and have extensive experience in developing on this flexible and powerful website content management system (CMS). 

We offer three things:

Solution Consulting + Platform & Product Creation + Optimisation & Support

Our clients require thinking and creation together, as an efficient enabler of strategic business action. We then support our creations and exploit the data they generate to optimise performance and achieve your business KPIs. We’ve achieved Sitecore partner status by working with different clients across a range of sectors and harnessing successful strategies that we continue to support years later.

As a certified Sitecore partner since 2013, we have implemented a wide range of solutions that ensure our valued clients, such as Great Western Railway, Artemis and Moat Housing, have exemplary digital engagement strategies that fully respond to their customers’ needs and allow them to achieve their digital freedom. 

We offer a number of Sitecore solutions:

Sitecore Experience platform (XP) –  this allows marketers to deliver personalised and relevant experiences to prospects and customers. It can be used as a full digital marketing platform, or it can integrate with complementing technology or to further enhance the experience for customers. 

Sitecore Experience Manager (XM) –  this supports content at scale, both on a global and multilingual level and allows for customisation, management and integration of websites. It lets you focus on delivering personalised content without all the bells and whistles of other tools on the Sitecore platform. 

Sitecore Experience Commerce – this is ideal for brands delivering an online shopping experience, yet wanting to take it to the next level. Commerce allows you to track your prospects’ engagement and creates a customer lifecycle that can be personalised and adapted with every visit they make to your website or online store.

Reasons to choose ORM as your Sitecore partner:

  • 20 years of experience in designing and developing effective digital solutions
  • Development of digital experience platforms for brands like Great Western Railway, Moat and Artemis, applying the Sitecore technology to  multiple sectors
  • Certified Sitecore partner since 2013
  • Certified Sitecore developers in-house and up to date knowledge of new releases on the Sitecore platform
  • Over 40 front and back-end developers continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with CMS and technology platforms
  • We can provide 24x7 Sitecore support, tailored Sitecore hosting and ongoing Sitecore optimisation.

Looking for a Sitecore partner? Or already on the platform and want to know what else it can do? Please fill in the form below or call and ask for the sales and marketing team +44 (0)203 743 0810.