Strategy & Insight

We are our clients’ trusted digital business advisors, using analytics, audience, and trend-driven insight to develop commercially valuable recommendations for their next digital initiative.

What do we do? 

  1. Define, create and deliver business cases for digital strategies and initiative roadmaps
  2. Envisage and create effective, customer-critic digital products and services
  3. Evaluate and optimise what’s been created to enhance performance, whether that’s through user testing, analytics or day-to-day ‘sensible thinking'

Digital Strategy

We help you define how digital channels and touchpoints will meet your organisation’s business objectives, and then produce clear, effective digital strategies that can be delivered. We understand your business and industry drivers and how that applies in the digital space.

Content Strategy

The content team crafts results-focused client stories. We make sure content is supported so it’s available to our clients’ audiences when and how they need it. In order for content to align to your organisation’s business strategy, it’s essential that you know exactly what your content is doing, who’s accessing it and how it’s being used.

Data & Analytics

We create insights from analytic, survey, session replay and user testing tools to understand the ‘who’, ‘why’, ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ of audience behaviours.

Andy Farmer
Executive Strategy Director

Andy leads our strategy and insight team of digital planners, digital analysts, content strategists, and CX consultants. He ensures every experience meets client needs, anticipates audience behaviours - and drives measurable action.

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