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New online presence for a leading asset manager


Artemis has always had a strong reputation in asset management and realising the need to stay ahead in the competitive sector, they partnered with ORM to create a new digital strategy that would enhance the customer experience online.


A set of KPIs were set at the start of the engagement, which led to high brand engagement and content consumption amongst its core target market.


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The challenge

What Artemis didn’t have in 2015 was a stellar online presence to match. The digital experience had become increasingly important, as its target audiences became more digitally savvy and competitors began to invest heavily in their digital offering.


Artemis came to us with a brief to reimagine its digital identity from the ground up. The organisation wanted to continue to be front of mind with influential wealth managers and advisers by showcasing its capabilities and delivering great insight content, while growing its presence internationally.


The Solution

Defining the digital strategy

We started the project by defining a digital strategy and roadmap that aligned with Artemis’ business objectives and could evolve over time as the organisation continued to grow.


We knew we needed to make it much easier for potential customers to research, understand and compare products online. To achieve this, we focused on making:

  • The site optimised for mobile browsing
  • Insight content easier to find and subscribe to
  • Fund pages clearer and more comprehensive with interactive charting tools
  • Real-time fund data more accessible
  • Searching and filtering (both funds and insight articles) much easier
  • The performance of the site easier to analyse, monitor and attribute, so we could evaluate which funds and insights visitors were engaging with, in order to optimise sales and marketing activity


Re-imagining the brand

While the brand’s visual identity works well in print and on outdoor advertising such as billboards and taxis, it required some adaptation for use online. Through brand workshops with the marketing team, we explored visual treatments to create synergy with the offline branding, yet work well on-screen. We also experimented with ways of retaining the brand’s distinctive illustration-style, whilst ensuring it wasn’t overwhelming or distracting.  


The Artemis offices house an intriguing collection of objects d’art and curio, and our designers were inspired by the things they found there – old propellers, a matador's cape, hawk hoods, bronze sculptures and marble busts. We photographed these objects and used the images as motifs throughout the site, furthering the metaphor of Artemis’ collection of funds being expertly managed by careful creators – the Fund Managers themselves.


Bold yet clear typography and an editorial-inspired layout are fundamental to the site’s design, and provide a clean framework for bringing together the quirkier elements of Artemis’ unique brand.


The impact launched in May 2017. By completely reimagining the user journeys, content hierarchy and fund centre, customer engagement quickly surpassed all expectations. We set many KPIs for the project, but the most challenging were those that supported Artemis’ objectives of brand reach, content consumption and improved engagement among its core adviser and wealth manager customers.


New Microsite launched

Following the success of the website relaunch for Artemis, we have recently designed and built a microsite on Interest Rates. What makes this project stand out is the front-end animation that is featured throughout the design to make the content more visually compelling. Launched in March 2018, the microsite saw high engagement rates, with more than half of visitors scrolling 90% of the way through the page.


Artemis microsite interest rates
moat website shown on laptop

Our previous website set the benchmark for a number of features in the asset management industry, but digital moves quickly and we also expanded our business rapidly into Europe, so we needed a from-the-ground-up revamp. ORM lead us through a complete rethinking of our strategy, quickly understanding our business. They extended and enhanced our existing brand with excellent creative work and developed a great customer experience. That, combined with a new content management infrastructure, has helped us regain our digital-standing in the industry.


— Michael Browning, Head of Digital & Marketing Services for Artemis Fund Managers