Enhanced the customer experience of National Rail Enquiries

National Rail Enquiries is the UK’s official train journey planner. It provides UK travellers with train company information and promotions, train times, fares and tickets.

The Challenge

In December 2014, Apple approached National Rail Enquiries with a brief to create an application to run on the then unreleased Apple Watch. It was due to be one of the first apps on the new platform, and be the UK’s main train travel app available for the watch’s release.

We were asked to plan, design and build the app for the new technology with only a partial development kit, in just 30 days.


The Solution

Having worked closely with National Rail Enquiries for many years, our teams collaborated to design and deliver this project. We used our expertise to identify user behaviour trends in wearable tech to deliver a solution. In addition, we:

  • Mapped the watch’s features to anticipated customer behaviours
  • Created wireframes which were used to design the watch’s interface 
  • Gave our designs to NRE’s technical team which they used to develop, build and test the app



The Impact

  • The app continues to enable users to access live departure boards, view disruption information, locate nearest stations and receive delay notifications.
  • London audiences can also use the app to view the train status across the underground network.

“My feedback on the mock-ups: They look fantastic. Well done to all the team for getting this far, so quickly. That’s what is so exciting! We’re on the cutting edge of technology.”

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