Smith & Williamson:
Simplifying prospect relationships through digital

Smith and Williamson offer a wide range of professional services to a hugely varied customer base over a large geography. When creating their new site, determining how best to present and segment this broad suite of products and services was a major element of the brief.

The challenge

When Smith and Williamson (S&W) came to us in late 2015 their requirements were complex. They wanted to merge their diverse web estate of 17 sites and thousands of pages into one cohesive shop window. They’d also recently updated their brand identity, and wanted us to help them move this new brand online.

The solution

Getting S&W's clients to the content quickly was at the heart of our response.

We started by analysing their product offering across accountancy, tax and private banking. Next was understanding their customer types, accomplished during 3 stakeholder workshops, which helped decide how they would be serviced online. Finally, we looked at what worked across the 17 sites – in terms of engagement – and what we could jettison.

Once we established what information needed to be on the site, we worked on the user experience. By basing the navigation on a customer’s defined needs, we were able to create multiple routes to the content – and remove confusion caused by content that was too deep to find.

We defined the new information architecture and created a UX prototype, while simultaneously exploring design routes using the new brand identity. Content and code was created in tandem and built and released in sprints.

As one of the project aims was to enable the S&W team to increase the quality and frequency of its content output, we also helped train their staff on Sitecore.

The results

Fifteen months after starting the project, S&W launched its new site in December 2016.

After years of working across multiple domains, the digital team has a coherent and easy-to-manage website that has seen a huge jump in visitor engagement. The team are also able to quickly draft and publish content and, for the first time, S&W's investment customers are able to see real-time fund performance on the site as its fully integrated with MorningStar.

About Smith & Williamson

Smith & Williamson is the eighth largest accountancy firm in the UK. It was founded in 1881, and has 12 offices around the UK and revenues of >£210m.

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