Mobile-first website that educates + promotes the power of television

Thinkbox is the marketing body for commercial TV in the UK, in all its forms. It works with the marketing community with a single ambition: to help advertisers get the best out of today’s TV.


The Challenge

The existing Thinkbox website had a lot of great content, and in its time had won lots of plaudits, but, as more pages had been added over time, its users were finding it increasingly difficult to navigate and utilise, leaving them frustrated.Our challenge was to start from the ground up, and architect, design and build a site that would:

  • Help Thinkbox users to get the best out of its services 

  • Enable Thinkbox to personalise the user experience

  • Make the site’s wealth of content more readily available

  • Be fully responsive 

  • Give the nation’s favourite and most effective advertising medium a modern looking home


The Solution 

We worked closely with the Thinkbox team to ensure the design and build matched the brief. We used UX and Content workshops to identify digital persona and the key needs of the site. In addition, a member of the Thinkbox team spent a day a week in our studio to oversee our design, build and to facilitate decision making on the fly. Together we created:

  • A personal area for registered users to save any content they like for future reference
  • Streamlined content, organised into 6 major sections, with a fresh emphasis on new ways of using TV advertising and those considering TV advertising for the first time
  • Created a new section designed to showcase the latest TV programming from the UK broadcasters
  • A consolidated BARB data area, where all the latest TV viewing stats, including volume, reach, audience profiles and most-watched ads, are listed
  • A revamped and updated Nickable Chart section, where it was easier to download content from

The Impact

  • The fully responsive site acts as an educational and marketing tool
  • Users can now find content, from data tables to research write ups, instantly
  • The site carries an archive of Thinkbox’s award-winning research, including the ‘Payback’ series of effectiveness and the ‘Screen Life’ series examining new TV behaviours such as on-demand
  • It also features a library of case studies, an ad gallery plus the association's press releases

- 10 %

bounce rates

+ 26 %

page views

+ 30 %

avarage time on site

"Our website is our shop window. It needs to be gleaming, and with all the wonderful things TV offers on display and easy to get. The new is exactly that. It has our users at its heart and is the essential place for being in the know and keeping up to date with TV advertising."

Andrew MacGillivray, Thinkbox’s Marketing Director

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